Metal Wire Warriors

Anton Avramov is a very unique and talented artist. When he heard about our intentions to go on Kickstarter he wanted to be a part of it, feeling a strong connection to the… Continue reading

Speaking on the Note Show

A part of the process of having a Kickstarter campaign is opening up and talking. I was very excited to be interviewed by Joshua Note from the Note Show. You are welcome to… Continue reading

Artist Ros Plazma drawing the first frame for Land of the Little People

24 frames per second x 90 minutes (roughly) of a feature film, make it about 130,000 frames. Although it will take us some time until the first frame will be shot, we moved… Continue reading

Designing and building the crossbow for “Land of the Little People”

         Making a film is a journey of wonderful discoveries. When I first wrote in the script that the children use crossbows as weapons, I didn’t realize how interesting it would be to… Continue reading

Kickstarting Land of the Little People!

We’re alive on kickstarter!!! In the next 45 days we are going to make a run for 30 thousand dollars. Join our gang by pledging to our campaign:

Micro trailer won at the IMTF

“Land of the Little People” won the 2013 International Movie Trailer Festival award for the best micro trailer! I guess it was worth getting bloody and dirty, risking my life climbing up the cliff for… Continue reading

Land of the Little People Trailer

Credits: Camera: Rami Katzav Sound: Michael Goorevich Online: Serg Bezrukoff Make-up: Shiri Shamsha Music: Gad Emile Zeitune Titles: Itzik Nadel Actors: Yaniv Helfgot, Or & Itay Riban & Elad Ashkenazy Children Tutor: Adina… Continue reading

The Location

‘Land of the Little People’ tells a story about people and their desires. But it also tells a story about a country which turned derelict, and for that we’ve got the perfect location.… Continue reading

Shooting a Trailer

It was a hot day of August when we went shooting the trailer for ‘Land of the Little People’. I want to thank the people who’s been there with me: Producer: Tony Copti… Continue reading